Employee Retention Tax Credits Maximized

As a result of government stimulus, the IRS is giving affected U.S. businesses a tax refund for keeping employees on payroll after the pandemic.

A bill has been proposed to close all ERTC application claims! Your claim is no longer guaranteed to be paid – submit all documentation to us as soon as possible for your best chance at receiving the ERTC credit!

Did you know?

There is still

time to file your ERTC

PPP Loan

Does NOT disqualify you


Ways to qualify

We help businesses file the Employee Retention Tax Credit (ERC/ERTC)
The ERTC has changed significantly since the CARES Act of 2020.
Nearly every aspect of this fully refundable tax credit has now been expanded and extended through 2021.
We specialize in helping U.S. small & medium size businesses & nonprofits navigate and file their ERTC claims.

Let Us Review Your ERTC For Accuracy & Peace of Mind

Our firm prides itself on taking a more conservative approach to the ERTC and IRS guidelines, and advocating for our clients best interests.
We are here to help review your ERTC claim for legitimacy, and help you correct it if needed.

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